3 Fantastic Cheese Board Ideas

Lucy PierceJanuary 30, 2021

The nights are drawing in, it’s officially red wine season... which is why we are bringing you three epic cheese board ideas. A selection of hand-picked artisan cheeses from across the UK, the idea with our cheese boards is that you can try specialty cheese in varying textures and flavours as well as supporting local businesses too.

We support local British farmers who make delicious cheeses from cows, sheeps, goats and even a selection of vegan cheeses. Whether you’re entertaining or just want to stock up your product and support British artisan cheesemakers, we’ve got just the answer for you. See our top cheese board ideas for this winter here...

Best of British Cheese Box

This handpicked British cheese selection are some of the finest British artisan cheeses, including hard, soft and blue cheeses all from the UK. All tried and tested by our cheese specialists, they will be sure to knock your socks off.

Inside you’ll find the Baron Bigod, a Brie de Meaux styled cheese from Suffolk with a creamy texture with mushroomy, vegetal notes. An Isle of Wight soft blue cheese produced using Guernsey milk, Westcombe Cheddar that is a traditional farmhouse cheddar from Somerset.

The classic Driftwood also features; a soft cheese that is rolled in ash from Somerset and a semi-soft rind washed Highmoor cheese from Oxford. This fantastic selection of cheeses are what you would find on a Michelin-starred restaurant’s cheese board.

To compliment these cheeses is a Rosebud Preserves Fig Chutney that goes well with hard, goats and savoury cheeses, in particular Driftwood & Highmoor. Equally works well with all the cheeses. Serve these cheeses with neutral biscuit or bread to not detract from the cheese, you could even add some roasted grapes that are oven blasted at 180 degrees until they’ve shrivelled for a sweet taste.

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Dairy Essential Box

A carefully selected range of fantastic artisan products that are the perfect fridge filler, whether you’re stocking up for the longer winter months or looking to upgrade your meals en famille. These high quality cheeses are delivered to your doorstep and help smaller, British farmers up and down the country.

Inside you’ll find Laverstoke Park’s smooth and delicate Buffalo Organic Mozzarella that is the UK’s first buffalo mozzarella cheese and is rich in flavour. Next there is Barbers Mature Farmhouse Cheddar, which is matured for 12 months and has a creamy texture and a rich flavour, which always goes well with the Glastonbury Salted Whey Butter Roll. 

Other kitchen essentials include Graceburn – a British marinated Feta style cheese – London Halloumi that are great for barbecues and the 14-month aged Parmesan cheese, perfect for dusting on pasta dishes.

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Mini Best of British Cheese Box

The perfect gift idea for cheese lovers, whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or something to say a special something. Even though it is a smaller selection, it is plenty for six people and includes some of the finest British cheeses. All of which are delivered to your doorstep with a delicious quince jelly.

Inside you’ll have a Burt’s Blue – a soft blue cheese with a gentle blue vein from Cheshire – Double Barrel Poacher, which is matured for 24 months and has a delicious flavour that is between a mature Cheddar and Comte. Lastly is the Waterloo, a soft cheese made with Guernsey milk and produced in Berkshire. All perfectly complemented with Rosebud Preserves’ Quince Jelly.

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All of these cheese board ideas have been handcrafted by our cheese specialists, and will be packaged and delivered straight to your doorstep. For more information on The Cheese Merchant, please see here or get in touch with us