Bi-God It's Good!

Anna CarringtonMay 23, 2023

Here at The Cheese Merchant, we pride ourselves on representing the finest producers in the UK and who better to exemplify that standard, than Fen Farm Dairy, May's Supplier of the Month.

Fen Farm Dairy are a forward-thinking, third generation family farm setting the bar for sustainable dairy farming.

People should have a connection to the food they eat and the farm where it was produced, according to Fen Farm. Their goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and the vast majority of the energy we use is generated from sustainable resources, including their distinctive cow poo-powered heat exchanger and solar battery storage.

Montbeliarde Herd

Jonny personally selected their Montbeliarde herd from small farms in the French Jura, which are responsible for the protein rich, flavoursome and delicious milk that produces Baron Bigod. 

The Crickmore Family

Jonny and Dulcie have added a cutting-edge cheese and butter manufacturing business to the original farm, diversifying it. Their priorities include producing outstanding artisan goods and assisting other dairy farmers in their quest for diversification. 

The Crickmore Family at Fen Farm Dairy

Their best selling Baron Bigod cheese is a favourite among renowned chefs and they even appeared on Prince Harry's wedding breakfast menu, alongside bacon and croissants!

 Delicious Baron Bigod

About Baron Bigod

Best served at room temperature, Baron Bigod has smooth, silky golden breakdown which will often ooze out over a delicate, fresh and citrussy centre. Baron Bigod is handcrafted in small batches so that they can use fresh milk straight from the cow that is the ideal temperature for producing cheese.

This dreamy cheese is also available in a wonderful truffle variant - get in touch today for pricing.

Serving Suggestions

Serve alongside Millers Damsel crackers, walnuts and warm sweet fruits, such as figs and roasted grapes. Baron Bigod works well with a quality bottle of any wine or champagne, but we recommend a full-bodied Burgundy. 

Get in touch today to enquire about pricelists!  

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