Introducing Dorset Dairy

Anna CarringtonMarch 19, 2023

Welcome to our latest 'Supplier of the Month' feature, where we take the time to celebrate one of our dedicated suppliers and all they have to offer! This month, we want you to meet The Dorset Dairy Co – a family-run farm with a firm dedication to quality produce. From their prize-winning cows to creamy butter for baking and delicious yoghurts your customers will love - Dorset Dairy has everything you need when it comes to fresh dairy products. Keep reading as we dive into why this amazing supplier deserves our special attention.


Sustainable Practises

The Crib House Farm can be found tucked away in the Blackmore Vale, which is a broad and picturesque valley that has been used for farming livestock and dairy products for hundreds of years.

Over 300 acres of the stunning Dorset countryside are covered by these gently rolling fields that have been pieced together to form a patchwork quilt. The dense hedgerows are home to a diverse array of wildlife, and the clay soil that lies beneath them creates the ideal conditions for growing pasture and forage crops. A combination of traditional crop rotation and regenerative grazing practises is what maintains the soil's high fertility and richness over time.


Family Run Business

Dan is the third generation in his family to work at Crib House Farm. When he was 18, he started working full-time on the farm. A few years later, he met Alex. Alex used to work in the City, so she didn't need much persuading to move to Dorset. Since then, she's been enjoying life in the country. Diversifying into processing on the farm helps them in two important ways. First, making fresh, natural dairy products with a clear origin. Second, making sure the farm has a future by making sure free range milk has a fair, stable price. Dorset Dairy's goal is to do all of our milk processing on the farm.


New Product Line

The Dorset Dairy Co are adding to their wonderful range of quality, fermented dairy products with the latest launch of Kefir.

 This is now available in three delicious flavours; Plain, Strawberry and Mixed Berry, in 500ml bottles.


Well Loved Recipes

Of course, Dorset Dairy are more iconically known for their Natural Whole Milk Yoghurt.  Greek yoghurt in Dorset, handcrafted on their farm using whole milk from their grass-fed cows. Yogurt that is rich, low in sugar and high in protein is produced with nothing more than culture and classic straining.

We are eagerly anticipating your feedback regarding your experience with the Dorset Dairy product line.  Get in touch today for pricing!