Award-Winning Cheeseboard


Weight - 1148g

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Cow's Milk



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Suggested serve: 6-10 people

We have chosen these cheeses for the award-winning selection as each of them won an award at the prestigious "The Great British Cheese Awards" in 2019. This cheese board has been tailored based on their proven track record and how they perfectly balance each other.

Bix (100g): An organic, triple-cream cheese that is rich, buttery and indulgent, similar to a French Chaource.

Ducketts Caerphilly (250g): A lactic, fresh and crumbly Caerphilly cheese with a bright, zesty flavour.

Burt's Blue (180g): A semi-soft blue cheese, it’s creamy and mellow

Wigmore (180g): A semi-soft sheep’s cheese, it’s gentle and buttery in flavour.

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester (200g): England’s only unpasteurised Red Leicester, it’s creamy and mellow in flavour.

Rosebud Preserves Fig Chutney (198g): A rich mix of figs, warm cinnamon and sweet, fresh orange from Yorkshire.

Miller's Damsel Buttermilk Biscuits (125g): Creamy wafers made with buttermilk and butter churned in England.

Cheese may differ from those in the picture, depending on seasonality and availability. Cheeses will be replaced with the nearest alternative, if necessary,

Our cheeseboards are delivered next day, by courier.