Veggie Cheeseboard


Weight - 955g



Suggested serve: 8-10 people

This selection of cheeses have been chosen as they are all made using vegetarian rennet, rather than animal. Suitable for veggies, theses are a handful of our favourites. 

Cotswold Organic Brie (240g): A bloomy-rind soft cheese with a fresh, creamy and clean taste.

Burts Blue (180g): A semi-soft blue cheese, it’s creamy and mellow.

Lancashire Bomb (230g): Matured over 24 months, creating a very creamy cheese with a unique shape.

Drunken Burt (180g): Semi-soft and washed in cider, it’s golden in colour with a smoky flavour.

Miller's Damsel Buttermilk Biscuits (125g): Creamy wafers made with buttermilk and butter churned in England.

Rosebud Preserves Fig Chutney (198g): A rich mix of figs, warm cinnamon and sweet, fresh orange from Yorkshire.

Cheese may differ from those in the picture, depending on seasonality and availability. Cheeses will be replaced with the nearest alternative, if necessary

Our cheeseboards are delivered next day, by courier.