What’s the difference between pasteurised and unpasteurised cheese?

We have a selection of cheeses that are both pasteurised and unpasteurised. Pasteurisation means that the milk is heated to kill pathogenic bacteria that may taint the flavour, but it also strips the milk of beneficial natural flora. The milk is heated to 72C for 15 seconds, or to 63C for 30 minutes.

Are all your cheese boards vegetarian?

Cheese is traditionally curdled using rennet – an enzyme from the stomach lining of calves or lambs – vegetarian cheese uses a plant-based rennet from either fungi or bacteria. The rennet transforms the liquid milk into a solid curd, which is the first step in cheesemaking. 

Do you have any vegan alternatives to cheese?

We do indeed, you can find our Vegan Essentials Box here. You can also find individual products under the related to section.

How do I know that the cheeses are produced ethically?

We regularly visit all our producers, and each of them has the highest animal welfare standards. We’re committed to sourcing responsible ethical products, and the fair treatment of animals is paramount.

Can I eat cheese while pregnant?

We’re not medical experts, so we recommend you check the NHS approved list of safe cheeses to eat during pregnancy.

Is there any allergy information I need to be aware of? 

If you want to check any of our products allergens, please email us and we will aim to get back to you within 1-2 working days.

Which cheese board would you recommend for a dinner party?

This will depend on how many people you’re having over for dinner! Each of our cheese boards has a suggested serve, but if we’re being biased it has to be the Show-Stopper. There’s a selection of hard, soft, blue, gourmet and firm cheeses, as well as three packs of biscuits and a delicious fig chutney.

What is your favourite cheese? 

We might be biased, but it has to be the Truffle Bomb that we made exclusively with the Shorrocks family. For those that aren’t a fan of truffles, we’re more than happy to recommend cheeses based on your preferences, please do get in touch here.

Cheese Delivery

Will my cheese stay fresh during delivery?

All our cheeses are packaged with ice blocks and special insulation to keep them chilled during transit. Simply pop your cheeses in the fridge on arrival, and take them out an hour to two hours before you’d like to eat them.

I want to buy cheese as a gift for someone else…

At the checkout there is a box where you can leave a personalised message. Please do bear in mind that emojis are not always easily handwritten!

I'm ordering for an important occasion, any advice?

If you would like to order more than multiple cheese boards for a special you can order them through our website, or send an email to us and we can handle your enquiry directly.

We use a reliable delivery service, but there’s always a possibility of delay. If the delivery date can’t be missed, please move the delivery date to a day or two before you need the cheese.