Classic British Cheeseboard


Weight - 998g

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Cow's Milk



Suggested serve: 6-10 people

These fantastic British artisan cheeses were chosen by the way they are made. Each of the following cheeses is made in a classic style by world-famous traditional cheesemakers here in the UK.

Cropwell Bishop Stilton (200g): A traditional, hand-ladled Stilton, it’s smooth, creamy and complex.

Westcombe Cheddar (200g): A traditional farmhouse cheddar from Somerset that is aged for 11-18 months.

Drunken Burt (200g): Semi-soft and washed in cider, it’s golden in colour with a smoky flavour.

Waterloo (180g): A soft, buttery cheese made with Guernsey milk and produced in Berkshire.

Rosebud Preserves Fig Chutney (198g): A rich mix of figs, warm cinnamon and sweet, fresh orange from Yorkshire.

Miller’s Damsel Wheat Biscuits (125g): Crunchy wheat wafers made with stone ground flour, grown and milled in England.

Our cheeseboards are delivered next day, by courier.

Cheese may differ from those in the picture, depending on seasonality and availability. Cheeses will be replaced with the nearest alternative, if necessary.