Show-Stopper Cheeseboard


Weight - 2138g



Suggested serve: 14-18 people

Now this is the perfect cheese board for a special occassion or a wine and cheese evening, featuring The Cheese Merchant's exclusive Truffle Bomb. There's a perfect mix between soft, blue, hard, gourmet and cheddar, as well as the finest accompaniments too!

Highmoor (300g): A semi-soft cheese is creamy and buttery when young.

Lincolnshire Poacher (200g): Matured for 14-16 months, it’s sweet and nutty in flavour with a smooth, creamy texture.

Cornish Mature Gouda (200g): Matured for 10-12 months, it has a rich complex flavour with a great moisture level and a crystal crunch.

Tunworth (250g): British Camembert-style soft cheese with mushroom notes and a sweet, nutty flavour.

Young Buck (250g): Stilton-style cheese from Northern Ireland, it has a rich lingering flavour.

Truffle Bomb (200g): Maturing over two years, it’s a creamy, full flavoured cheese with black summer truffles.

Sinodun Hill (200g): A flavoursome cheese with a light nutty edge and a light mousse-like texture.

Rosebud Preserves Fig Chutney (198g): A rich mix of figs, warm cinnamon and sweet, fresh orange from Yorkshire.

Miller's Damsel Buttermilk Biscuits (125g): Creamy wafers made with buttermilk and butter churned in England.

MØR Wholemeal Spelt + Sourdough Crackers (115g):  Based on a Norwegian Knekkebrød, this wholemeal spelt and sourdough cracker is baked in the UK.

Miller’s Fig & Sultana Toasts (100g): Crispy slices of toast studded with figs and sultanas.

Cheese may differ from those in the picture, depending on seasonality and availability. Cheeses will be replaced with the nearest alternative, if necessary

Our cheeseboards are delivered next day, by courier.

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