Vegan Essentials Box


Weight - 600g

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Suggested serve: 2-4 people

Made with nuts, these spreads and butter are all totally vegan, but you wouldn't know it. They are creamy, sumptuous and extremely tasty, see who you can fool at your next dinner party!

White Macadamia (150g): Rich, creamy and soft, it's marinated in extra virgin olive oil and rapeseed oil, infused with black peppercorns and thyme.

Camblue (130g): A cashew based Camembert-style product.

Vegan Gold Butter (180g): Cultured and slightly salted with an incredibly buttery taste, it is spreadable even straight from the fridge.

Original Cashew Cream Cheese (140g): Pure, organic cashews and Cornish sea salt give this spread a rich natural creamy flavour.

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